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Process-based approach
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Performance Measurement

Process Improvement & Business Capability Development

Core to Quality Positive’s approach is to be process driven and to ensure that organisations and companies have very well defined Operational processes. Having this mindset and application towards all business processes, takes time and a detailed review of current arrangements and practices in place. To succeed, organisations must strive to automate their Operational processes, once they have fully defined and integrated their ’As Is’ process flows, companywide.

Quality Positive can help businesses understand, define and eliminate wasteful activities within existing business processes, whilst streamlining these to meet the growing needs of the organisation, with digitalisation to the fore. Performance measurement underpins the consistent application of business processes, to establish capability analysis and to ensure consistent process outcomes are being achieved. We also have been involved in numerous productivity improvements, digitalisation and IT integrations for business processes, leveraging IT solutions and to drive productivity gains for organisations.

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